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Learn It, Live It, Love it
Fight on you stalwart Ram team
On to the goal
Tear the Buffaloes' line asunder
As down the field we thunder
Knights of the green & gold
Fight with all your might
Fight on you stalwart Ram team
(Go Rams!)



The Hammerschmidt Family:
Dan, Karen, Michael, and Holly

RamNation Gift Update

Total raised (as of 3:15 p.m. MST, Friday 1/26/07):
Total number of donors:

Thanks so much to the following contributors:
Greg Adkins, Joe Baran, Matt Baumeyer, Brian Bell, Jason Benson, Bryant Bonds, Chris Boyle, Jason Bradley, Rick Brase, Cathryn Browne, Michael Bruce, Joel Cantalamessa, John Casey, Sean Castle, Chris at Citadel Advisory Group, Brad Collins, Brian Cover, Geoff Cowles, Rees Davies, Lee Davis, Jeanne DeVita, Joe Eitel, Adam Fisher, Eric Friehauf, Bill Galusha, Len Garner, Tom Gillette, Greg Groene, Lance Guanella, Job Guerra, Neal Gustafson, Robert Haas, Denny Hagele, Matt Hall, Kevin Hammer, Connie/John Hanrahan, Ian Heller, Kevin Hillyard, Matt Huggins, Adam Hulsey, Jim/Debra Hunter, Chris Inman, Steve Ivy, Michael Johnson, Rob Johnson, Mo Jones, Tim Joseph, David Kain, Anthony Kapushion, Keric Kennedy, John Konegni, Chieko Lane, Ed Lawler, Judy Leisher, Marty Lenz, Charles Mabarak, Stuart MacMillan, Eric Malmstrom, David May, Brian McCoy, Kevin McGlue, Jeff McVehil, Dan/Kristine Miller, Darin Miller, Lyle Miller, Tim Miller, Shawn Milne, Thomas Molamphy, Robert Montoya, Jim Mooney, Brian Morrisroe, Sal Muniz, Brian Murphy, Derek Nagy, Thomas Nylin, David Pitman, Scott Rahe, Nate Robertson, Frank Rogers, Robert Russell, Darshan Shah, Scott Slusher, Jared Spears, Mark Stanard, Philip Stanford, David Stash, Bill Sullivan, John Wachsmann, Darrell Walker, Brian Walter, David Weber, Kyle Wolfe, Aaron Wyle, Jason Yanko, and several anonymous donors.

We also thank Jill Burge at New Horizons Travel for donating her services/expertise and organizing the trip!

Hammerschmidt Family Donation Page

General Info

1/26/07--Well, it has been a long time coming, but we have finally finalized the gift for Dan and kids. Thanks to the wonderful help from Jill Burge at New Horizons Travel who organized the trip with Dan, we have all the details in place. Dan and kids will travel this spring break to Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla. for a seven-day trip. They'll spend four days at a resort on the Disneyworld property and spend another three days on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas (which the kids really wanted). So this will be a GREAT trip for them. I want to send out a THANK YOU to Jill and New Horizons Travel, and a big-time thanks to all of you who donated towards this cause. We had upwards of 100 people who wanted to help out a fellow Ram family in need and we've raised more than $5700 for the trip.

I'm proud that so many generous Ram fans have reached out to help the Hammerschmidt family. This will be an awesome trip for them together, which will hopefully bring some joy to an otherwise difficult year. Thank you Ram fans!

10/10/06--Dan sent us the following note to pass along to all RamNationers who donated towards the gift:
To everyone who donated or helped in any way with the gift for Holly and Michael, thank you very much! I know they will be extremely fired up when they find out about their upcoming trip to Disneyworld. The kids are doing well and were trying to do our part for Breast Cancer Research - there must be a cure out there somewhere.

I know RAMNATION has raised money and gifts for other tough situations through the years and its a tribute to the strength of the Ram Family! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts GO RAMS!


10/8/06--We made the gift presentation to Dan after the Homecoming game vs. UNLV Saturday. Dan was very appreciative. Also got to meet Dan's kids, Holly and Michael, who are doing well and are very special kids. It is very rewarding to know this trip will lighten their spirits a bit!

10/9/06--We are finally nearing our completion of the gift for the Hammerschmidt family. We have decided upon Disneyworld as the destination, in Orlando, Fla. We will allow the Hammerschmidts to choose dates that best fit their schedule (possibly Spring Break in March, after football recruiting season). With our near-$5000 in donations, we will be able to offer the Hammerschmidt family a great weeklong getaway. First, we will offer roundtrip airfare for Dan and his two kids (Holly and Michael), hotel accommodations (a week at a timeshare hotel on the Disney property, which thanks to Joe Mudd's generous offer to donate this, we won't have to pay for it), rental car, a five-day pass to Disney resorts, and plenty of spending money. We were fortunate to gain the services of Jill Burge at New Horizons Travel to help organize and book this trip for the Hammerschmidt family. Thanks to all of you for making this possible. Your generosity and kindness will make a huge difference to Dan, Holly, and Michael.

8/24/06--Not much progress to report on the gift. We are still working on some details and will announce to you all when we know more. We've had several generous offers from individuals for use of timeshares, homes, frequent flier miles, etc. and we're currently weighing our options to determine the best route to take. Stay tuned!

7/29/06--We spoke to Dan Hammerschmidt Friday night and he is doing as well as can be expected. He said his kids are still struggling to cope with the loss of their mother, as you would expect. He had heard what RamNationers are doing for him and the kids, and thanked us all.

7/25/06--Teresa and Darrell Funk (offensive line coach) asked us to pass along the following note to all of you generous RamNation members who have given emotional, verbal, and financial support for Dan and his family:
As a member of the Ram Football Family, I just had to send a note and tell you how much it means to all of us, especially Danny and the kids, obviously, to see the outpouring of prayers and support from "Ramnation". I just cannot express enough how devastating this has been to all of us. We are not just a group of people who make up a "football staff", but truly a family. I just wanted you to know, and to pass on, how much it is appreciated to have fans and supporters such as yourselves.


The Ram family lost a special woman Tuesday July 18 when Karen Hammerschmidt, wife of Colorado State offensive coordinator Dan Hammerschmidt, died after a long, courageous battle with cancer. (Click here for the Fort Collins Coloradoan story.) Karen was initially diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago, and has battled the disease as it spread to other parts of her body.

Karen leaves Dan and their two children Holly (10) and Michael (7).

Donating to the Holly and Michael Hammerschmidt Fund

An educational fund has been set up for the children and we encourage you to make a donation to the fund at:
Holly and Michael Hammerschmidt Fund
1st National Bank
205 West Oak
Fort Collins, CO 80521

RamNation Gift

We'd also love for you to take part in something additional that we feel as the RamNation community can do for Dan and especially the kids to help in more of an immediate way. We'd love to raise enough money to give Dan and the kids an all-expenses paid trip to Disneyland, or something along those lines, to give them something to look forward to in the near future and to and perhaps raise their spirits.

We will work on details in the coming days and weeks, and make a decision based on the funds we raise. But, if you feel moved to take part, please click the "Donate" button above to give a gift through PayPal. This money will be kept in a RamNation account, and we will give regular reports to how the fundraising is going. For those of you who wish to donate via check, email us and we can arrange. We welcome any input and feedback you may have as we research our gift options.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers for fellow members of the Ram family.

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